A Clean Blog-Focused WordPress Theme

Theme Features


You can change the appearance easily without any coding.

Beautiful and Simple

It has been designed meticulously.

Resposive Layout

It is compatible with any devices.

Modern Layout

It is laid out with the Flexbox module, which is really flexible.

Validated Code

Its strings are all sanitized and escaped, that means safety.

Quick Load

It will definitely make your website quicker.


You can use full features and functions without any restrictions and money.


Its templates are separated, which are easily editable.

Social Links

Show your social profiles so visitors can find your social profiles directly.

With the Addon Plugin... (Free)

Share Buttons

The share buttons increases your social engagement efficiently.

Support AMP

Supports the AMP, which is the fastest HTML format recommened by Google. You'll never lost visitors due to loading speed. See AMP Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to get a child theme?

Its link is on top of this page.

  • I have just installed the theme! What should I do first?

You should regenerate all your thumbnails using Regenerate Thumbnails once after the theme installed. But that's it! Set up whatever you want on the theme customizer and enjoy the theme.

  • I found a bug. How can I report it?

Just let me know about the bug on the forum or by sending me an email. Thanks!

  • I have a new feature that I think the theme should have got?

If you are not satisfied with the theme features, then you can just ask me to add what you want on the forum or by sending me an email.