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I’m so pleased here to announce the new Coldbox Google AdSense Extension, which provides you with a great experience and engagements on Google AdSense for your Coldbox theme!

About the extension plugin

I’ve been writing a blog with the Coldbox theme for a year, and I was always looking for the most engaging and efficient way on Google AdSense Ads. This add-on plugin is based on this my experience and something I finally came up for it, as the Coldbox theme’s sole developer.

I would not say this is 100% perfect for any case, but I believe that this will be the best choice for those who write a blog with the theme and looking for the best way to monetize the blog.

Unfortunately, I was unable to release this for free. But hopefully, you can understand that this is necessary to keep maintain the theme, add-on plugin, and this AdSense extension, as I am solely maintaining these products. I sell this for US$20+, this means that you can get it at least 20 dollars, but if you find this or the theme is useful, you can even name the price more than that! I do not provide priority support for those who named higher prices, but I really appreciate that as it is the only one item I’m selling for now 🙂

You can buy/download the extension from the link below. Before buying, please make sure that you have read the requirements.

There are no limitations on how many sites this can be used, and there’s even no expiration. So you can use the plugin on any websites for a lifetime with only one purchase!

Coldbox Ads Extension – Gumroad


You can easily add the ads to the following places with the latest version of the plugin:

  • In-article ads (before second h2 and last h2 tag)
  • Single pages at the bottom (two large-rectangle ads for desktop and one responsive unit for mobile)
  • Matched content ads (after the related posts)
  • In-feed ads (in the archive posts, each 4 (you can customize this from the setting) posts)
  • Archive pages at the top (responsive)
  • Archive pages at the bottom (two large-rectangle ads for desktop and one responsive unit for mobile)

And it also supports one-click auto-ads setting, both compatible with normal HTML pages and AMP pages. You can select where to use the auto-ads (front page, archive pages, single pages and fixed pages), and you can disable this for a single page from the post edit screen’s metabox.


If you want to see a live demo, here’s the one for you: https://adsdemocoldbox.miruc.co


The current version of Coldbox Ads Extension, v1.0.0, requires following to work:

  • WordPress 4.7 or later (theme’s requirements)
  • Coldbox theme 1.5.4 or later
  • Coldbox Addons 1.1.6 or later (only if you want ads on AMP pages)
  • PHP 5.6 or later

Before buying, please make sure that your site has met these requirements, as I cannot provide refunds for the reason your site has not met the requirements.

I hope everyone can find this is useful and have a happy blogging life 😉 If you have any questions regarding this extension plugin, please just ask me on the comments to this post or by emailing me.


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